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Karma also in social networking engagement!

We all have come across the sensational word “KARMA” at some point or the other in our lives. Different people interpret this word in ways that are not alike. The concept of karma is panicky for many, whereas, it is highly intriguing, for the rest of the masses. Call this a hypothesis or a postulate, the only fact that none of us can deny, is that this is omnipresent and Universal.

History of Karma:

The word has its roots in the age-old Sanskrit language and was initially found in the Rig-veda, the oldest Hindu Philosophical text. Since then this word has appeared in multitudes of mythological and philosophical texts of various religions. 

The absolute meaning of the word is work. But on delving into the depth of it, the connotations attached to it are huge. The most prevalent theory states the eternal cycle of action and its consequences. With the advancement of time, karma has become more and more important in every sphere of our lives and has also showcased ethical and moral dimensions. 

Having said about karma, we will now focus on another integral part of modern lives – The Social Network. Now, this topic would not require much of an intro since most of us can not imagine our lives without being a part of one or the other social media platforms, be it Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or even professional connects like Linkedin or Thus we all get the hang of it very easily. 

But why did I mention the concept of karma initially, and then brought about another completely dissimilar topic like the social network? Yes!! I’m sure none of us have had viewed the concept of karma from this perspective. But here is the food for your thought!

We, as social beings, feel elated on gaining social recognizance, and in a way, we wait for it eagerly. And I’m sure if not all then most of us have, at some point in time, tried to increase our social recognizance and social acceptance. 

But did you ever pause to think, how karma plays a subtle role in this ambit of our lives as well?

Seems absurd, right? Well, let me explain. Let me put down the concept in the form of points:

  1. The Social Circle: The first step in augmenting social recognizance is to start the process. And we do that by increasing our networks and connections. It does not need an explanation that this is a two-way process. We can not just expect other people to come and get in touch with us. We need to do the same. Thus comes in the concept of karma. You sow what you reap!
  2. The Social Recognizance: Once we have formed the network, it needs regular nurturing. How would you do that? To make ourselves visible for others, it is of utmost importance to view others at first. Unless we take the first step and like or comment or share on other people’s posts, we hardly receive any of it back. Once we do this, they, in turn, will also check on what’s on our plate. And there you go again! It’s the eternal cycle of karma.

This is how it goes on. The more you give, the more it gets back to you. This simple concept was known to all of us, but we could not link this concept with the age-old concept of karma. And thus, we are here for you to help you connect the dots and realize the importance of mythology and ancient culture in the modern lifestyle.