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Stand out with your uniqueness as you set up your profile on LinkedIn for increasing career prospects

All of us who are seeking to set your career and have a prosperous future are acquainted with the concept of LinkedIn. In the present day where everything is related to popularity on social media, LinkedIn is a great example where social media can be used for productive purposes other than uploading selfies and live updates.

But what is the use of such a profile in LinkedIn if people are not able to check out your details? Well for that you ought to go through this blog to understand why it holds such importance.  

LinkedIn is a social media website which is oriented to business and employment. It is a social networking site which can be accessed in the form of mobile apps as well as via websites through PCs. LinkedIn is a platform which helps recruiters and job seekers connect conveniently according to their requirement for jobs and employment through several advertisements and blog posts. Job seekers create their accounts and upload their resumes along with bio-data while small and big employment companies post job vacancies with details. And, people with similar interests and requirements search by giving their preferences and communicate accordingly.

However, this search is not easy and requires involvement and effort to be successful. An updated CV is a must for a profile. Also, there are a few steps to be followed to make a LinkedIn profile attractive and viewed easily by recruiters. Unless you are active and keep your LinkedIn profile completely updated with regular activities, it will be extremely difficult for you to gain viewers or recruiters who can serve your purpose of being there. Therefore, first and foremost make an effective profile with a professional tinge in it with the help of the following guide-

  1.  Put a catchy headshot– One of the simplest things you can incorporate in your profile to upgrade it is to give a catchy headshot. You can show your creativity if you are good at it or it goes with what you do, but you must remember that this is the first thing someone is going to look at while visiting your profile. There are thousands of profiles on LinkedIn and those without catchy profile pictures are easily ignored.
  2. Choose a correct account type– Here you can choose whether you want to go for a basic account which is unpaid or you would take up the premium version. The premium version consists of added features but it charges a certain amount of fee. Each feature comes with some extra benefits which can help make your profile attractive.
  3.  Write an appealing headline– Since the headline is the first piece of text that appears just below the name on your profile, the default settings would fill it as “fresher” for you. But you can frame the way you want. So, try giving some unique and polished words in the headline.
  4.  Frame a summary for yourself– In this portion, you are allowed to fill in with 2000 characters. So, you can write briefly about yourself in detail. Here you can mention what qualities you possess and how well you can work. You can also mention your career prospects. Do not forget to use the words which shall be considered as keywords to connect to recruiters effectively.
  5. Talk about your past experiences– If you are a jobseeker, design the profile in a way by keeping mention of every detail of what you have learned from your previous job sectors or work life. You can mention each post you have been in by choosing keywords wisely.
  6.  Use a visual media– Similar to Facebook and Twitter, you can also use a background or cover picture or theme to your LinkedIn profile. Therefore, add a theme or a cover picture which highlights your professional background or job profile. This will surely attract more recruiters to go through your profile.
  7. Make connections– LinkedIn has the feature of first, second and third-degree connections. So, to make your profile visible to others, you need to make a lot of connections actively.
  8. Ask for recommendations– This may be very helpful. In this section, you can select any option of what want to be recommended. You may select it and send it to a list of your connections. You might get some wise suggestions which might help you out in the future.
  9. Activity and strength of the profile– After everything is done to create and design your profile, you need to be active regularly on the page and keep on updating various informative posts to be visible to others. You should also check your profile strength which says how much complete your LinkedIn profile is. If there is anything incomplete, then make sure you fill it up.

Amongst the various users who are trying to make an attractive profile to stand themselves out for better advancement of their career, try to be unique and make your profile gain more viewers by adding some extra spice to it.