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IT maintenance services is a support term that includes complete hardware and software preservation for the client business. A company needs its computer network and IT systems to be in optimal running condition with minimum downtime, as downtime will cause loss of profits every minute when the client business will not function correctly. WeConsultIT delivers the first line of defense in IT maintenance with the scope of disaster recovery and high availability. We offer maintenance and development of various IT processes like incident management, request management, problem management, knowledge management, and many more.



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Tech Certified Experts
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Scope of WeConsultIT IT Maintenance Solutions for Support

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    Solution Development

    We create various solution developments depending on the objectives of the client business for processes like request and incident handling, Known errors and problem handling, order and change handling, and many more.

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    Fixed Systems

    The maintenance team of WeConultIT makes sure about the fixed system. This support system makes sure that the operation of the IT system is within a specified level and time regime.

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    IT System Implementation

    Our company also takes care of the IT system implementation, operation, and administration processes.

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    Different Tool Handling

    WeConsultIT efficiently handles the parameterization requests. This request enables the modification of various user interface functionalities and processes.

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    Integration support with the domain systems

    Our repairing and protection squad of WeConsultIT provides support to the integration to the domain systems like SRC and numerous other external systems.

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    IT Monitoring

    We also offer the clients complete support in the maintenance and construction of the IT monitoring systems. This solution aims to provide up-to-date and objective data on the service status for the substantive company divisions of the client business.


Why opt for WeConsultIT Maintenance Services for Your Business?

WeConsultIT is known for delivering customized IT maintenance services to clients. It means all our solutions are dependent on the client’s requirements and necessities.

  • Analysis

    We analyze and construct the concept of changes in the architecture of the IT monitoring systems.

  • Project Development

    Our team also takes care of project development for the modification or construction of the IT monitoring systems.

  • Component Product of the Monitoring systems

    We have quite a name for component production of the monitoring systems, including service models and even processing protocols.

  • Service System Settling Production

    The preservation team of WeConsultIT also helps in-service system settling production by delivering the monitoring system to the client.

  • Monitoring of IT System Verification

    We monitor the IT system verification through the architecture of the IT system monitoring and in compliance with other software recommendations.

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Success Stories


The entire engagement with WeConsultIT was very enjoyable experience.
The consulting and involvement of WeConsultIT was excellent and key to the success of our project.
The development quality was first class as was the timeline and commitment.
The project cost was inline with delivery expectation and we look forward to working with WeConsultIT for any years to come.

Chris Isaacs