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Significant Development Facts for Any Startup Tech Product

It is not an easy and simple job to start and run successfully a tech product business in this digital world. There are many crucial areas of development where you need to take care to make a firm position among your competitors. You must do all of your required research works and find out all the possible points of development to get innovative ideas that can inspire your targeted customers to trust your company and products. 

You are sure to get hundreds to people or company who will promise to help you with your development. But are they genuine? Do you actually get a real picture of where your startup stands in the market? Just a development would surely not suffice your product. What about the other important factors involved?

Well, not to worry as, WeConsultIT outstands others undoubtedly in many ways. Development is only a mere part of our consultation. We are here to give you an in-and out real picture of your startup tech product. Keep rolling below to see what makes us different and how are we so confident about it! 

Important factors involved in a startup:

  1. Competitors: Competitors keeps you motivated to make your product the best! Hence, knowing and understanding your competitors is a must for a startup. If you are not aware of the competitors, how would you make your product, the best? WeConsultIT will not only share you the list of your competitors, but also will help you understand to surpass them. You will then know the strategy to follow. 
  2. Design: Design is one of the key factors for your startup tech product. Every other factor is dependent on the criticality of the design. We will explain to you the different designs that can be incorporated so that you can very well understand the pros and cons. 
  3. Development: Code is the backbone of your tech product. Moreover, a piece of development can indulge many different technical languages and hence WeConsultIT portraits you with the possibility of such languages and technology that can be used. 
  4. Database: Data, a prime and confidential factor of any product. A tech product can have a database of the existing customers, the products that you showcase and what not. But which database is required? What would be the size and cost required corresponding to your database? Yes, we do also give you the insight into the database that you would need.
  5. Branding: You need to focus on some promotional matters to make your company name into a brand to your targeted customers. It will cover nearly 15% development for your start-up business. After aiming the perfect segment of customers, you need to plan your promotional development activities to make your product and brand popular among them. There are plenty of ways for you in the current digital industry. You can go for paid promotion on various social media websites like Facebook, YouTube or Tweeter to make people aware of your product launch news, attractive offers and festive discount. You can also go for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to make your website rank among the top positions in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to draw the viewers’ attention on your website. Yes, WeConsultIt shall give you an outlook of such details. 
  6. Content Development: Increasing content value for your online business via writing blogs on your websites, searching for guest blogging in famous websites, writing newsletters for your existing customers and writing social media content, can bring you the topmost position in search engine ranking. That can also help your start-up business by more than 10% in development areas to boost your online visibility among the viewers. 

Apart from these mentioned above here are a few more facts that play a primary role in any startup tech product.  

  1. The Technology involved: WeConsultIt shall share you all the possible technologies for which your product can be launched so that you can get an overview of the same. 
  2. Cost: we understand that cost is a major factor for your development and hence no hidden cost. We strongly believe being transparent. 
  3. Logo: The logo is your symbol of pride and hence has to be unique and meaningful. 
  4. Time taken: What is the time taken for your overall development till launching your product live, is what we are here to portrait you. 
  5. Hosting: Developing the product is the only sole motto. Do you know where to host it? How will it benefit you and its ways?  Not to worry, we are here!
  6. Bug in code: Bug fix is a major urgency for any live application so that the end-user might not face any issues. 
  7. When live: Time frame to make your live application is another important factor. If your product is for the kids and you make the application live during their vacation, then that would not be a perfect timing! 
  8. Payment gateway: Afterall, payment has to be the topmost secured zone and hence the most emphasis is to be given here. Choose the payment gateway according to your suitability. 

Conclusion: For a start-up business, there are many areas to develop properly to achieve business goals. These are some of the most significant points for you to keep in mind while you are working hard to establish your online technical business and WeConsultIT is here to provide you the A-Z consultation of your startup product and business. Any query in mind? Feel free to contact us for more much minute detailing of your product. We assure, you shall return with 100% satisfaction!