Success Stories

Application is live, SEO is being done, social branding in progress, Still not happy? Here may be the reasons?

In today’s world, every business clamors the need for an online recognition. Almost every business or company has made it’s business available online to get exposure to the world market. Companies have made sure to provide the best display and SEO content of the website to be more and more visible to viewers and customers while they look for the product or service the company is rendering. Even after pushing in a lot of relevant facts and figures in your application or website, you may not get the desired result or outcome of your business which you expected. Have you ever thought of the reason behind such an undesired outcome?

 Well, to easy your desire, here are some reasons that might be responsible for your live application having enough SEO content and polished social branding is not sourcing you a positive output:

  •       Broken Links

The link to your application may not be accessible to viewers. It may happen that your website is not obtainable due to fallacies like ‘Error 404’. This is one of the most highly occurring technical glitches that companies or business firms fail to discover while publishing the website or live-application.

  •       Grammatical Errors

The content of the page may have grammatical errors that have been overlooked or went unnoticed while publishing the application. Due to such grammatical errors, the SEO content provided by the company page fails miserably to prove their efficiency to show up while viewers search for a particular term.

  •       Lack of Proper Information

The world is full of competitors, be it of any business type. Just like your website or web application, other businesses too have their online identity that has been programmed to cater to the similar requirements of the equivalent customers that are your target as well. Your application may be live and have modish look and exact SEO content, yet it may have been lacking proper information about products and services that customers are trying to detect

  •       Make it interactive

Create content such that people get connected to the information provided. Nobody likes to read a monotonous piece of words. Interaction via contents, emails or chats in your website is a must so that the reader can comment or share his piece of information or queries.

  •       Geography targeted

The website or application created is for which ‘geography’ is one of the prime factors for your application growth. Suppose, if you are targeting for US audience and planning to launch in the middle of the year and your product gets completed and goes live by November or December then do you think it will go in the right direction? Since, the year end is almost the festive season so the audience will also be busy in their festive season. Geography thus plays an important role.

  •       Audience matters!

Well, the targeted audience for whom your website or application is, matters a lot. Like, it would not be suited to launch your application during school vacations if your targeted audience is kids. And hence, make a plan as to when your audience will be available to get the maximum traffic of your site.

We hope, with all the above stated key factors your application would surely be a grand success. Feel free to connect us at WeConsultIT for further detailing.