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IT development projects require razor-centered attention for recording the detail for the errorless deployment. WeConsultIT drives successful project rescue services to the client with its robust and outstanding developmental strategies. We are one of the reputed companies to streamline half-cooked projects and include the developmental life cycle for reaching the end targeted goal. Our enterprise combines agile software development with the project rescue services through the powerful front-line team to drive the cost-efficient and value-induced deployment.



Tech Certified Experts


Tech Certified Experts
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End user satisfaction
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Instant Support

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Bring Life to the Business with Our Project Rescue Solutions

The project rescue services of WeConsultIT offer the necessary support to complete the project.

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    Legacy Software

    We modernize the critical systems with no interruption in the client business operation. You can observe seamless integration, customization, and migration.

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    Absence of Interoperability

    Our rescuing team improves the collaboration and solves different interoperability challenges with efficient and experienced connector development and API.

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    Inadequate Safety

    WeConsultIT implements engineering expertise and goes through precise assessments of the architecture, data, code, and network audits. We conduct all the audits based on the guidelines of OWASP.

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    Lost or Messy Code

    Our organization reanimates and revitalizes broken and inadequate codes with the help of the best practices in the industry like refactoring, maintenance, code reviews, and documentation.

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    Low Standard Products

    Receive an error-free product and full-cycle automatic testing services through a transparent Quality Analysis procedure that ensures performance and functionalities.

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    Deprived Scalability

    We assist our clients in reaping the benefit of the targeted experiences in high-end architectural designs and performance engineering to get rid of the deprived scalability. It also helps the client to grow their software capabilities.


WeConsultIT Project Rescue Processes

Our project rescue and support solution completes the client project on time by recovering the lost time through following efficient processes. We will help you get your wrecked ship back on the sea with the help of our project rescue solutions. 

  • Concept

    We translate the business requirement and early vision of the client into a blueprint of the project.

  • Build

    Our team then builds the client application through collaborative and iterative feature development.

  • Foundation

    WeConsultIT outlines the technical frameworks, creative design, and application architecture for creating a solid foundation for the client projects.

  • Test

    The testing and the Quality assurance team ensure that our clients are always ready to face the prime time.

  • Support and Deploy

    Even after project rescue and making it live, our well-skilled team is always ready to support you.

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Success Stories


The entire engagement with WeConsultIT was very enjoyable experience.
The consulting and involvement of WeConsultIT was excellent and key to the success of our project.
The development quality was first class as was the timeline and commitment.
The project cost was inline with delivery expectation and we look forward to working with WeConsultIT for any years to come.

Chris Isaacs