Have you ever thought that your profile is for others or only for yourself? Can it be some good to others as well?

All of us who are seeking to set our career and have a prosperous future are acquainted with the concept of LinkedIn. In the present day where everything is related to popularity on social media, LinkedIn is a great example where social media can be used for productive purposes other than uploading selfies and live updates.

How can LinkedIn be of your use?

LinkedIn is a social media website which is mostly oriented to business and employment. It is a platform which helps recruiters, as well as job seekers, connect conveniently according to their requirement for jobs and employment through several advertisements and blog posts. Job seekers create their accounts and upload their resumes along with bio-data while small and big employment companies post job vacancies with details. People with similar interests and requirements search by giving their preferences and communicate accordingly.

However, the search is not easy and requires involvement and effort to be successful. An updated CV is a must for a profile. Also, there are a few steps to be followed to make a LinkedIn profile attractive and viewed easily by recruiters. Unless you are active and keep your LinkedIn profile completely updated with regular activities, it will be extremely difficult for you to gain viewers or recruiters who can serve your purpose of being there.

Be an active member:

To make connections in LinkedIn, you need to remain active by interacting with your connections in their profile. Connections are made by sending ‘invites’ to people with like interests. But, how can a profile holder be active with his LinkedIn profile or how can a profile holder exhibit his or her existence on LinkedIn?

  •     One of the easy ways of portraying activities is to write blogs and get them posted on your timeline. The blogs have to be related to the subject in which you professionalize or want to pursue a profession. It is mandatory to check that the post which you are making is a public one. Not only your connections, but their friends and friends of friends can see the posts made by you.

Say for instance, you are a job-seeker and you see a post made by an influencer on a very important topic of your domain. After reading the entire post, some queries arise in your mind. At that instance, you can make a comment writing your query there. This makes the influencer notice that you have gone through his post and made comments. It can happen the other way round as well- you being a recruiter comes across a post from a job-seeker on your feed (since you had mentioned your interests and field of the profession while setting up your profile). You can give your views and comments and also correct him if he is wrong somewhere. In this way, people having profiles can interact with each other by contributing to the posts.

  •     Moreover, the profile you are holding on LinkedIn can be of no good if you do not show your existence to others of the same professional fraternity. This can also be done by posting job vacancies, posting information on the latest trends and innovations that have come up in the field of expertise of yours so that other job-seekers, recruiters or businessmen belonging to the same domain can be made aware of it. The main motto of remaining on the LinkedIn platform shall not be to find a job or hire employees for your company only. Your profile shall be noticed by others only when you actively operate it.
  •     Providing solutions to several problems posted by recruiters or job-seekers or recommending people for several jobs are also some ways to keep yourself active on a LinkedIn platform and in this way too, your profile can do good to others. 

Thus, to conclude, you just do not need to create a profile on LinkedIn, but also set it up with a well-built bio and stay inactive. To make yourself get noticed by big recruiters or business entrepreneurs or receive more and more vacancy updates and also to find able and efficient people for your ventures (for companies), you have to be active.