A project health anlaysis isn't a maturity assessment. Many of the critical success factor (CSF) assessment questions could also be similar, but its purpose is to make sure a private project's success, to not analyze and improve the project delivery capability of the organization. Conversely, if a corporation experiences repeated project failures or situations requiring health assessments to place corrective actions in place, it might be knowing consider a project management maturity assessment. Such an assessment will establish a baseline that will help an organization to improve its capability to deliver successful projects.

Bottom line, while no panacea, a well-conducted ``project health assessment`` can help reduce the danger of failure.


Why Project Health Analysis is needed?

A project health analysis is an one-time/periodic assessment and evaluation of the definition and implementation of project management processes. It is designed to accomplish the following:

Assessment :- Identify critical processes that are not operating optimally.
Finding:- Analyze what is missing from either the process or its implementation.
Recommendation:- Recommend corrective action to rectify the situation and bring the process up to a necessary and sufficient state.
Mentoring:- Mentor the project manager on how to implement recommended corrective action.

The mentoring part of a project health assessment is very important. A project health assessment should be proactive and has one goal: project success!
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