Application is live, SEO is being done, social branding in progress, Still not happy? Here may be the reasons?

In today’s world, every business clamors the need for an online recognition. Almost every business or company has made it’s business available online to get exposure to the world market. Companies have made sure to provide the best display and SEO content of the website to be more and more visible to viewers and customers while they look for the product or service the company is rendering. Even after pushing in a lot of relevant facts and figures in your application or website, you may not get the desired result or outcome of your business which you expected. Have you ever thought of the reason behind such an undesired outcome?

Well, to easy your desire, here are some reasons that might be responsible for your live application having enough SEO content and polished social branding is not sourcing you a positive output:

Broken Links
The link to your application may not be accessible to viewers. It may happen that your website is not obtainable due to fallacies like ‘Error 404’. This is one of the most highly occurring technical glitches that companies or business firms fail to discover while publishing the website or live-application.

Grammatical Errors
The content of the page may have grammatical errors that have been overlooked or went unnoticed while publishing the application. Due to such grammatical errors, the SEO content provided by the company page fails miserably to prove their efficiency to show up while viewers search for a particular term.

Lack of Proper Information
The world is full of competitors, be it of any business type. Just like your website or web application, other businesses too have their online identity that has been programmed to cater to the similar requirements of the equivalent customers that are your target as well. Your application may be live and have modish look and exact SEO content, yet it may have been lacking proper information about products and services that customers are trying to detect

Make it interactive
Create content such that people get connected to the information provided. Nobody likes to read a monotonous piece of words. Interaction via contents, emails or chats in your website is a must so that the reader can comment or share his piece of information or queries.

Geography targeted
The website or application created is for which ‘geography’ is one of the prime factors for your application growth. Suppose, if you are targeting for US audience and planning to launch in the middle of the year and your product gets completed and goes live by November or December then do you think it will go in the right direction? Since, the year end is almost the festive season so the audience will also be busy in their festive season. Geography thus plays an important role.

Audience matters!
Well, the targeted audience for whom your website or application is, matters a lot. Like, it would not be suited to launch your application during school vacations if your targeted audience is kids. And hence, make a plan as to when your audience will be available to get the maximum traffic of your site.

We hope, with all the above stated key factors your application would surely be a grand success. Feel free to connect us at WeConsultIT for further detailing.


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Can you make sure that your startup tech product source code will not be copied ever

In this twentieth century, someone stealing your idea or source code is the most appropriate dispute you could face to build a sustainable business. So, is there actually any possible way to produce the source code? Won’t it be great to have the code only to yourself so that you can be the sole master to it?  

Well, when you become an entrepreneur, the business comes with an endless number of challenges and your source code being stolen for the software or your product is on the top of the list.
 You have a team of developers working on a code. But have you ever thought that if a person from that team suddenly decides to leave the company, he or she could take away a copy of the code along with it? If not, it is high time you should think over it.
 In this article, we are going you to guide through some preventive measures that can safeguard your Tech IP and can stop leakage of your important information outside your office premises.

  • Always practice source control that is simple to track and control any illegal access. You can also revoke the access of a person if someone resigns from the company.
  • The most important step is to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) that will clearly state that the source codes are a complete property of the client or company and whenever they leave the place, they will have no rights to the code created by them. In this way, you can always take a legal step against the employees if anyone tries to violate the contract.
  •  If you can, offer laptops to each of your employees along with security. They will be bound to do all the official work only on those machines.
  • If your entire devices have Microsoft windows installed in them, TFS can be used as a ticketing system for the source control.  
  • Token-based systems like Cisco VPNs can be enforced as security policies of the company. Through this, the users can access only the internal networks and servers to write the code.
  • If you think that anyone can breach this security on the platform level, you can imply distributed source controls like SVN or GIT.
  • Software Management system can also be used for ticketing and to help the link code based on its features. Some of these systems are VersionOne and Jira.
  • If not today, then in the near future you can also employ permanent integration and TDD.
  • You can divide the programming of the source code in a modular form. For example, if someone is doing the starting part of the code, give another employee to do the ending codes. In this way, not a single person will have the entire programming code of the product.
  • You can prevent the entry of your employees with any types of removable media like cell phones, pen drives, etc.
  • Always run a source code analysis program to secure the SDLC and testing to measure the prevention of malicious attackers on the source code.
  • You can give admin access only to the managers of the project to avoid any discrepancies in the codes.
  • Always limits your access to the code repository. Except for you and your manager, there is no need to allow admission to everyone.
  • If you suddenly see a spike in the traffic in your DNS, then most probably your source code is getting infiltrated by an attacker. You could secure your internal network to prevent this type of invasion.
  • You can use tools like Digital Guardian to transfer all the files and block the entry of USB devices into the machines. This software also prevents the sending of any coded file through an email.
  • Another way to prevent the leakage of the source code is the use of versioning. The codes that you would have in your software (TFS, VSS, NetBeans etc.) can have branch and versions attached. Which means, if anyone makes any change in the code, you would be able to track the details.


Hence, all of the above key pointers will assist you to put yourself in a secure position from the extraction of your precious source code and will remove all your paranoia away. By maintaining all the necessary steps, copying anything from you would not be a viable solution for all your opponents.

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Your LinkedIn profile cannot be doing well if it is not for others

Have you ever thought that your profile is for others or only for yourself? Can it be some good to others as well?

All of us who are seeking to set our career and have a prosperous future are acquainted with the concept of LinkedIn. In the present day where everything is related to popularity on social media, LinkedIn is a great example where social media can be used for productive purposes other than uploading selfies and live updates.

How can LinkedIn be of your use?

LinkedIn is a social media website which is mostly oriented to business and employment. It is a platform which helps recruiters, as well as job seekers, connect conveniently according to their requirement for jobs and employment through several advertisements and blog posts. Job seekers create their accounts and upload their resumes along with bio-data while small and big employment companies post job vacancies with details. People with similar interests and requirements search by giving their preferences and communicate accordingly.

However, the search is not easy and requires involvement and effort to be successful. An updated CV is a must for a profile. Also, there are a few steps to be followed to make a LinkedIn profile attractive and viewed easily by recruiters. Unless you are active and keep your LinkedIn profile completely updated with regular activities, it will be extremely difficult for you to gain viewers or recruiters who can serve your purpose of being there.

Be an active member:

To make connections in LinkedIn, you need to remain active by interacting with your connections in their profile. Connections are made by sending ‘invites’ to people with like interests. But, how can a profile holder be active with his LinkedIn profile or how can a profile holder exhibit his or her existence on LinkedIn?

  •     One of the easy ways of portraying activities is to write blogs and get them posted on your timeline. The blogs have to be related to the subject in which you professionalize or want to pursue a profession. It is mandatory to check that the post which you are making is a public one. Not only your connections, but their friends and friends of friends can see the posts made by you.

Say for instance, you are a job-seeker and you see a post made by an influencer on a very important topic of your domain. After reading the entire post, some queries arise in your mind. At that instance, you can make a comment writing your query there. This makes the influencer notice that you have gone through his post and made comments. It can happen the other way round as well- you being a recruiter comes across a post from a job-seeker on your feed (since you had mentioned your interests and field of the profession while setting up your profile). You can give your views and comments and also correct him if he is wrong somewhere. In this way, people having profiles can interact with each other by contributing to the posts.

  •     Moreover, the profile you are holding on LinkedIn can be of no good if you do not show your existence to others of the same professional fraternity. This can also be done by posting job vacancies, posting information on the latest trends and innovations that have come up in the field of expertise of yours so that other job-seekers, recruiters or businessmen belonging to the same domain can be made aware of it. The main motto of remaining on the LinkedIn platform shall not be to find a job or hire employees for your company only. Your profile shall be noticed by others only when you actively operate it.
  •     Providing solutions to several problems posted by recruiters or job-seekers or recommending people for several jobs are also some ways to keep yourself active on a LinkedIn platform and in this way too, your profile can do good to others. 

Thus, to conclude, you just do not need to create a profile on LinkedIn, but also set it up with a well-built bio and stay inactive. To make yourself get noticed by big recruiters or business entrepreneurs or receive more and more vacancy updates and also to find able and efficient people for your ventures (for companies), you have to be active.

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Significant Development Facts for Any Start-up Tech Product

Interested in setting up your tech product? But, no idea who and whom to connect?

Looking out for the developmental facts?

 Well, there you are! Get an extensive overview of the significant developmental facts of your start-up products right here in our blog.

 It is undoubtedly not an easy and simple job to start and run successfully a tech product business in this digital world. There are many crucial areas of development where you need to take care to make a firm position among your competitors. You must do all your required research works and find out all the possible points of development to get innovative ideas that can inspire your targeted customers to trust your company and products. 

 You are sure to get hundreds to people or company who will promise to help you with your development. But are they genuine?

Do you get a real picture of where your start-up stands in the market? Just a development would surely not suffice your product. What about the other important factors involved?

 Keep rolling below to see what makes us different and how are we so confident about it! 

 Important factors involved in a start-up

 There are numerous factors involved in a tech start-up product. The budget is not only the main factor in it. Check below what else should be in your list:


  1. Objective & Expectations: Get a clear understanding of your objectives and your expectations regarding the product. What, why and how should be cleared of your product. What are you going to launch, why do you think the product would be unique and how do you get started, what exactly is your expectation toward the product behaviour in the market?
  2. Market Research: Yes, a proper market research before launching the product is a must. Get to know your competitors, as competitors keep you motivated to make your product the best! Check out the list of your competitors, which will help you understand to surpass them. You will then know the strategy to follow. 
  3. Blueprint and Strategy: The strategy and the blueprint you are to follow must be checked out before you start your investments blindly. Follow the best strategy which would make your product out shine others.
  4. Project Map with stages: A road map for your project along with the stages involved would help you extensively in understanding where your product lies in the market amongst your competitors. This would also help you in faster progress if lagged in any stage of product launching.
  5. Technology Selection: There can be different technologies used for the development of a product. But which would be best suited for your tech product is what you should know. Selection of technology is a prime factor.
  6.  Budget & Project Cost: It is of utmost importance to have a fixed budget for your product to go live as that you help you understand the project cost effectiveness. Moreover, the cost is a major factor for your product and hence it is required to be transparent in all stages. 
  7. Design: Design is one of the key factors for your start-up tech product. Every other factor is dependent on the criticality of the design. Get the different designs that can be incorporated so that you can very well understand the pros and cons. 
  8. Development: Code is the backbone of your tech product. Moreover, a piece of development can indulge in many different technical languages and hence understand all the possibilities of such languages and technology that can be used. 
  9. Content & Graphics: Increasing content value for your online business via writing blogs on your websites, searching for guest blogging in famous websites, writing newsletters for your existing customers and writing social media content, can bring you the topmost position in search engine ranking. That can also help your start-up business by more than 10% in development areas to boost your online visibility among the viewers along with the addition of the best graphics.
  10. Iteration Phase: No development is perfect at one shot! You would require code bug fixes and hotfixes. Plan for an iteration phase as how many iterations you would allow for your product before going live.
  11. Go Live with Branding Plan: Time frame to make your live application is another important factor. If your product is for the kids and you make the application live during their vacation, then that would not be perfect timing! Hence get the exact timings for your product along with your plan to brand it.

You need to focus on some promotional matters to make your company name into a brand to your targeted customers. It will cover nearly 15% development for your start-up business. After aiming the perfect segment of customers, you need to plan your promotional development activities to make your product and brand popular among them. There are plenty of ways for you in the current digital industry. You can go for paid promotion on various social media websites like Facebook, YouTube or Tweeter to make people aware of your product launch news, attractive offers and festive discount.

 What to conclude?

For a start-up business, there are many areas to develop properly to achieve business goals. These are some of the most significant points for you to keep in mind while you are working hard to establish your online technical business and WeConsultIT is here to provide you the A-Z consultation of your start-up product and business. Any query in mind? Feel free to contact us for more much minute detailing of your product. We assure, you shall return with 100% satisfaction! Why wait, get in touch with us!

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UI Design

Co-Working Spaces and Their Benefits

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How You Can Empower Change In Your Startup

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5 Questions to Ask Before You Build Your Product

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Co-Working Spaces and Their Benefits

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How You Can Empower Change In Your Startup

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